The Republic of Thieves – A Read Along (Chapters 1 – 4)

This is my first read along post on this blog and I thought republicofthievesI would start with the book I’m currently reading “The Republic of Thieves – Gentleman Bastard series book 3”. I have read about a third of the book and enjoying it so far. In a previous post I talked briefly about the series which you can find here.

The below contains spoilers therefore if you haven’t read any of the books in this series and plan to, then maybe you should stop right here. I don’t plan to go into too many details, I will only cover the main story line, what happens to the protagonists and my thoughts about it.

The book continues the journey of Locke and Jean in Lathain after their unfortunate events in Tel Verrar in the previous book (Red Seas Under Red Skies). Locke is fighting for his life, or in other words, Jean is fighting for Locke’s life. Locke seems to have given up at this point because he has become very weak due to the the poison he and Jean were forced to consume back in the previous book (which Jean took the antidote and recovered) and all the healers Jean found were unable to heal him. However, things change when they get a visit from a Bondsmage named Patience (who also happens to be Falconer’s mom) who tells them that she has a mission for them in Karthain and promises to heal Locke if they accept. Jean accepted immediately without any reluctance as Locke had and they got on a ship that’ll take them to Karthain, and on the ship Locke was healed using magic. During the trip, Patience showed them her memories of what Falconer did in order to go to Camorr and get the black contract, which I found interesting and I think she did that to show them how she did not approve of what Falconer did so they could trust her more.

Also, Patience explained that the mission is political involving two political parties in the Karthain election and told them that their role will be to fix the election for one of the parties. I reached the point where they found out that their counterpart in the other party is non other than Sabetha, Locke seemed to be very surprised and/or upset about this. It will be interesting to see how this goes since Sabetha knows them very well and I believe can anticipate their tricks and ways of deception since they were taught together with Chains. I hope the author does not go into too many details about politics in general (other than what’s needed in order to understand the story line) as he did with the details of sailing a ship in the previous book, I did not enjoy that part.

As in the first book (The Lies of Locke Lamora), each chapter has an interlude that talks about the time where Locke and the gang were living with Chains, it’s good to read about Calo and Galdo again and get to know Sabetha. So far it seems she’ll be having a significant role in this book. I enjoy the interludes, it gives a good understanding on how the characters grew up and also it sometimes feels like I’m reading another book with the same characters at the same time.

So far I’m wondering about the below:

  1. What happened to Sabetha in the past and why she left the gang?
  2. Why is Sabetha on the other side now?
  3. What will be Locke’s response once he sees Sabetha and why was he upset or surprised when he knew that she’s involved?
  4. We still don’t know what happened to Chains, he hasn’t been in any of the stories except the interludes and I wonder if we’ll know in this book.
  5. I wonder if Falconer will have any role in this book.

What did you think about these chapters?

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