The I-Don’t-Know-What-to-Read-Next Issue

When I am almost done reading a book, I usually start thinking what I should read next and lay out my options so I have something to start with once I finish. I have about 250 books on my to-read list which doesn’t make things easier. Sometimes I know exactly what I’d start with next and dive into it immediately.

But other times, like right now, I can’t seem to decide. Usually what I do is go over my 250 to-read books and pick the ones that look interesting and what I feel like reading and then read sample chapters. I just finished The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch and enjoyed it a lot but the next book isn’t out till the end of the year so that means I need to find something new. From my to-read list I came up with the below options:

  • City of Stairs – The beginning of this book didn’t catch my attention so I won’t be reading it now (doesn’t mean I won’t later, I heard lots of good reviews which still makes me interested but not for now).
  • The Winner’s Curse – it seemed a bit interesting but want to check out the others first.
  • Nexus – so far the beginning is intriguing I might be continuing with this one. Plus its a totally different genre than what I usually read (Sci-Fi) so it might be nice for a change.
  • The Assassin’s Apprentice – I’m very interested in reading this one as well but I think I’ll read it after the one I choose now.
  • Promise of Blood – still need to check this one out, very high reviews that caught my attention.

How do you decide on what to read next?

One thought on “The I-Don’t-Know-What-to-Read-Next Issue

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