Sabriel – What I’m Currently Reading

This time I knew what I was going to read after I finished my last book. Sabriel is one of those books where many of my Goodread friends gave it high reviews, and because of my curiosity and wanting to read something with a lot of good reviews, I had to get it. 


This is the second time I’m starting this book. I was unable to get into it the first time so I left it for a while and got back to it now, so far I’m enjoying it.

This is the first book of the Abhorsen Trilogy by the author Garth Nix. The book is about an 18 year old girl named Sabriel who studies at a boarding school and knows a little about charter magic. Before she graduates she finds out that her father Abhorsen (who is a necromancer) is missing, so she goes on a journey to find him in the Old Kingdom. Two types of magic exist, Charter Magic and Free Magic. I found more details about what they are.

According to the Old Kingdom wiki Charter Magic:

“uses a multitude of symbols, either drawn on paper or in the air, spoken, engraved or embedded in an object, or whistled. Charter magic is reliant upon the user having a Charter mark on their forehead.”

On the other hand, Free Magic is:

“which is unconstrained by the Charter. It existed as the sole magic in the Beginning, but when the Charter was created, it was made “ordered, subject to structure, constrained by symbols.” All Free Magic that remained separate from the Charter became the magic of necromancy.”

So far this book is intriguing and I look forward to see what happens to her along her journey.

2 thoughts on “Sabriel – What I’m Currently Reading

  1. So much hype surrounding this one! Years and years I’ve been hearing about it and finally picked it up a couple of months ago… I couldn’t get into it either, and I think I even gave it about 100 pages before I put it down. I really liked The concept behind the story and the character, but I thought the execution was a little, dare I say boring? I really hope you have better success with it your second time around! :-)


    • Yea I agree there is so much hype around this book I had to give it another try and I have to admit I’m enjoying it a lot so far, I’ve read about 150 pages (I haven’t had much time to read a lot these days) .. I love fantasy journeys.. I recommend you give it another try..


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