Audio Books and My Favorites

I recently started listening to audio books. At first, I thought I wouldn’t like it so I never gave it a try until I got an email from Goodreads telling me about Audible a couple of months ago. So I looked it up, listened to many samples and a while later created an account.


I’d have to admit, if you choose the right book and the right narrator, listening to books could be quite fun. So far my two favorites are “The Martian” read by R. C. Bray and “The Night Circus” read by Jim Dale.  I currently finished listening to Fool Moon – The Dresden Files read by James Marsters. I didn’t like the story itself but the narration was good. The narrator has a huge impact on the story telling. I like how they voice act the expressions made by the characters in the book, like when the character whispers, shouts, is exhausted, etc.

So it’s fun to listen to audio books especially at times when you want to relax your eyes, take a walk, or cook : ) . But I still believe that there are some books that should be read and not listened to, so I’m very selective when choosing an audio book.

What audio books do you recommend?

One thought on “Audio Books and My Favorites

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