The Furies of Calderon – A Book Review

The first book of The Codex Alera series by the author Jim Butcher was an intriguing and fun read. It did take me a more time to finish it than I would have liked but none the less, I finished it and enjoyed it!


I now wonder why I didn’t read this book any sooner. One of things I liked is that it seems to be a good introduction to the Codex Alera world and characters. There are still 5 more books to read and they’re all published, so I won’t be wondering what my next book is for quite some time! (Though I might squeeze in a book or two from other authors along the way).

In my previous post about this book, I mentioned I still couldn’t grasp the idea of furies yet, but it did get more clear along the way by imagining how the crafter uses the fury and what happens after using it. I noticed there is no clear description in the book about it. However, I did read further details in Wikipedia to make sure I didn’t miss anything (while trying not to read any spoilers there).

Overall, the book was fast paced, lots of action and has an interesting magic system. The characters were likable and well defined. For someone who didn’t enjoy the Dresden Files by the same author, I am glad I gave this one a try. It’s a different sub genre than the Dresden Files and clearly shows the author’s ability to be diverse. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

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