The Blade Itself (The First Law Trilogy #1) – A Book Review

I finished listening to the audiobook “The Blade Itself” first book in The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie a couple of days ago but couldn’t find a perfect timing to sit and write a review until now.

This book left me with mixed feelings (here is what the book is about). I gave it a 4 star rating on goodreads. This is my rating for books that I enjoyed but that didn’t wow me and this book didn’t wow me.

The Blade Itself

What I enjoyed was:

  • The author’s story telling style was interesting, fun and not complicated.
  • The well defined characters and their personalities was well portrayed.
  • The language of the book was easy to follow, no use of sophisticated words and jargon.
  • The narration of Steven Pacey was excellent. He made each character stand out and was fun to listen to.

My dislikes with the book were:

  • I didn’t feel a connection to the main characters and I don’t mean that I was looking for a hero, it’s not that kind of a story. But I didn’t get the feeling that I wanted to know what happens to them.
  • The whole book was like an introduction to the characters and their world. I felt that there wasn’t a major plot until towards the end of the book.
  • By the last couple of chapters of the book I lost interest.

This was my first read for the author and I read this book based on the high reviews and the interest to read a book from an author I haven’t read before, but I think this series is not for me. I will still follow up on the author’s books and read some of his other work and maybe get back to the First Law Trilogy later on.

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