Best Audiobook Narrators in Fantasy


Someone asked the other day: “Who is your favorite audiobook narrator?”. There are many good narrators out there and this gave me the idea for a post about the best narrators in Fantasy.

I have been listening to audio books for more than a year now and on average I listen to one or two books per month and having a good narrator can make the listening experience very enjoyable. Below are the narrators I’ve heard a lot about and are recommended by listeners including some of my favorites (in no particular order) and I added links to some of the books they narrate (you can click the cover to view the book and listen to the sample on Audible).

  • Luke Daniels: I recently finished listening to Off to be the Wizard by Scott Meyer. This was a fun book and Luke Daniels voice made it even better to listen to. I love how each character had his/her own tone and their expressions were well played out.

51l6HDPmK8L._SL300_       51SvBYUhAhL._SL300_      514mdwCed9L._SL300_.jpg

  • R.C. Bray: I think one of the most popular books he has narrated is The Martian by Andy Weir. If you haven’t listened to it then what are you waiting for?

61VrXXqyR-L._SL300_       61+U4VjlW1L._SL300_      51kp3FJWv4L._SL300_

  • Steven Pacey: I listened to the first book of the First Law Trilogy The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. This narrator was excellent in this book. I love narrators with British accents and this guy nails it for all the different characters. If you’ve heard his voice for Glokta then you know what I mean.

61Wl40L+SXL._SL300_        61Sxbj8l47L._SL300_      61tsq7InAXL._SL300_

  • Ray Porter: Another fun to listen to narrator. I listened to two books 14 and The Fold by Peter Clines. There were many characters in these books and I was able to identify them by the tone and accent he used before the book mentions whose talking.

61RAIxMKd9L._SL300_           51CsLysPzrL._SL300_         61Yu2l+AGkL._SL300_.jpg

  • Micheal Page: Another narrator with a British accent. He narrates one of my favorite series: The Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch and some of the books in the famous Malazan Book of the Fallen series.

61zfL9LfZXL._SL300_          51ajc1WQcML._SL300_        61JD0lPMMrL._SL300_

  • Jim Dale: This narrator is popular for narrating the Harry Potter books. I didn’t know him till I listened to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I loved this book and Jim’s voice brings this book to life.

51iML7T0PvL._SL300_       61K+OUhRs5L._SL300_       61clY6n-0UL._SL300_

There are other highly recommended narrators though I have not listened to their books such as Micheal Kramer (Brandon Sanderson books, sample: Mistborn the Final Empire), Roy Dotrice (Songs of Earth and Fire, sample: A Game of Thrones), Tim Curry (Garth Nix books, sample: Sabriel) and Stephen Fry (UK version of Harry Potter, sample: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone).

I am sure there are many more that I have not come across yet. Do let me know if you have a favorite in mind and would like to recommend in the comments section below.

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