The Stormlight Archives – A Book Series

It’s been a very long time since my last post. It’s not that I haven’t been reading — that never stops — but I guess couldn’t get myself to write. But here I am now to talk about one of my all time favorite series The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson.

In anticipation for the release of the third book, Oathbringer, I have been rereading the first two books of the series for the past couple of months to get ready for the release date… which is today!




I don’t really reread books, but I felt I needed to do so for this series. And I am glad I did. I realized that I missed details in my first read that are vital for the main story line. And above all, I enjoyed them so much!

When I first read these books, I did so in ebook format, but because I didn’t have much time left to read before the release date I decided to get “Words of Radiance” in audio format (to make sure I finish it before today, which I managed just yesterday, yay!). And I have to admit, the audiobook was awesome! The narrators Micheal Kramer and Kate Reading (who I found out were husband and wife) did an amazing job with the characters, they brought the book to life. Which is why I pre-ordered my Oathbringer copy in audio which hasn’t been released yet as of my writing this post (don’t know why, but I’ll keep checking).

If you haven’t checked these books out yet, I can’t express enough and tell you that you should go get them! Each book is 1100+ pages so it’ll be a long and highly entertaining ride. You will get excellent world building, intriguing magical systems, well defined characters and plots that will leave you on the edge of your seats.

Let me go check if it’s downloading!


Mistborn The Final Empire – A Review

I’m sitting here with a big mug of black tea wanting to talk Mistbornabout the first book I’ve read by the author Brandon Sanderson. I’ve read 8 of his books so far in which some has made my all time favorite book list (which I will be talking about in further posts).

The Final Empire is one of those favorites, I can’t recommend it enough. This book is a great introduction to his marvelous work and writing style and is the first book of the Mistborn series with 4 books published and the 5th coming out this October. I have started to re-read the series again and recently finished this one. I usually don’t re-read books, but reading it a second time didn’t change how much I enjoyed it.

If you read fantasy then you’ve either already read this book, or have a lot of people tell you that you must read it. The author has done an excellent job in building the new world, characters and culture of this book. The magical system is well-defined and easy to follow once you get used to how it’s being used. (I’d have to admit, it will need extra concentration). What I like about his writing style is the fact that he does not go over all the explanations in the beginning of the book but instead gives you the information that you need for the time being, so if you have any questions while reading be sure to know that they’ll be answered as you read along.

I don’t want to spoil the book for those of you who have not read it yet, but in brief the story line involves a group of people who are suppressed under the ruling of a dictator called the Lord Ruler and how they plan an uprising. If you haven’t read it then go and get your self a copy and start reading, this is one of the few books you won’t regret. And if you have read it, then I’d love to hear what you thought, let me know in the comments section.