My Book Year in Review – 2016


Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s December again and time to reflect on what I have read this past year. It was an interesting reading year for me. I read around 25 books, and some of them from authors and genres that were new to me. I also became more addicted to listening to audio books and noticed that I couldn’t get myself to read ebooks as much as I use to. Also, the number of books I couldn’t finish this year were high, so I guess I need to amend my book selection methods.

Last January I made a book reading plan — which you can check out here. And as I anticipated, I didn’t follow the list much. I read only 4 of the books in the list and one of them I couldn’t finish. What was new this year was my discovery of The Great Courses series on Audible — they offer many courses in many topics which I highly recommend checking out. I also started learning the German Language through courses offered by Pimsleur also on Audible. This year I decided not make a reading plan, as it’s obvious I will not stick to it.

Here are some of my favorites books of this year:

This was one of my top favorite reads this year. I was very surprised of how much I loved them. The writing style and story line was engaging and intriguing. It was very fast paced, filled with events and action so you won’t get a dull moment. The characters were well defined and interesting and the author did a good job making the reader intrigued to what happens to them next. I got these books in audio format and the narrators did an excellent job. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.

                               ember        torch

Another surprisingly interesting book. Here is my full review. As much as I liked this book, the sequel didn’t match up to it unfortunately.

A Darker Shade final for Irene

  • Magic 2.0 Series –  Scott Meyer

I cannot recommend this series enough. I loved it. Here is my full review of the books. If you do plan to get it, get it in audio, Luke Daniels is one of the best narrators out there.


This was my first read from this author. Here is my full review. I loved his writing style and after reading this one I also read the first book from his first series The Broken Empire: The Prince of Thorns.


This was one of the intetesting autobiographies I listened to this year. The book talks about the actor Alan Cumming’s relationship with his father. Here is my full review .


This was one of the courses I listened to this year. If you’re interested in learning about the universe, I highly recommend you check this one out.


If I make a plan for next year it’ll only be that I want to read more books than my average 20-25. I have about 200 books in my to read list (and increasing faster than I can read) and with this pace I will never get to them. So this year I’m planning to read 30 books and see how it goes.

How was your year? Any surprises or disappointments?


Ready Player One – A Book Review

Ready Player One by Clive Ernest is one of those fun books that grabs your attention until the very end. I listened to it in audio based on the high reviews on Audible. I don’t read many books from this genre very often but reading this one made me realize that there are so many books that I am missing out on and should start to check out.


Ready Player One is set in the near future 2045 and follows the story of a guy named Wade Watts and his Avatar Parzival in the hunt to find the Easter egg in the online virtual reality called the Oasis.

What I liked about the book:

  • The references to the 80’s decade especially the music (my favorite decade in music so it was fun to see some songs mentioned). The 80’s decade in video games is something I am not familiar with, but I was able to imagine them better after googling and seeing what they look like.
  • I like when technology is used in the future to do things we still can’t do nowadays.
  • Story is fast paced and easy to follow. (I think even non-tech savvy people can follow easily).
  • The story has a lot of action and video gaming (even though I’m not a gamer, I found it fun).
  • Wil Wheaton’s narration was excellent and made listening to it a lot of fun.

If you are into video games, computer software and the 80’s then I think you’ll love this book.

The Furies of Calderon – A Book Review

The first book of The Codex Alera series by the author Jim Butcher was an intriguing and fun read. It did take me a more time to finish it than I would have liked but none the less, I finished it and enjoyed it!


I now wonder why I didn’t read this book any sooner. One of things I liked is that it seems to be a good introduction to the Codex Alera world and characters. There are still 5 more books to read and they’re all published, so I won’t be wondering what my next book is for quite some time! (Though I might squeeze in a book or two from other authors along the way).

In my previous post about this book, I mentioned I still couldn’t grasp the idea of furies yet, but it did get more clear along the way by imagining how the crafter uses the fury and what happens after using it. I noticed there is no clear description in the book about it. However, I did read further details in Wikipedia to make sure I didn’t miss anything (while trying not to read any spoilers there).

Overall, the book was fast paced, lots of action and has an interesting magic system. The characters were likable and well defined. For someone who didn’t enjoy the Dresden Files by the same author, I am glad I gave this one a try. It’s a different sub genre than the Dresden Files and clearly shows the author’s ability to be diverse. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.